Every business tells a story. It tells a tale of a struggle that exists behind years of hard work to bring the business idea to fruition. My business, “The Mighty Conqueror,” tells a similar tale. It is the result of months of hard work rooted in the strong belief that the provision of better skincare products was now my responsibility. The fact that skincare specialists use the same products yet do not share them with the wider world did not sit well with me. Why pay big bucks when you can perform the same facial at home?

Every face tells a story too. Teenagers in the throes of puberty, going through one of the most challenging times of their lives, wading through the endless crowd that exits classrooms filled with more teenagers going through the same struggle. The object of bullying, strong in the face of adversity. A grandmother, on the edge of the long journey of life, face riddled with stress lines that tell stories of nights spent rocking children back and forth, shushing them back to sleep. Take, for instance, confident businesswomen with no time for something as mundane as skincare.

No matter what ethnicity you belong to or what period of life you are situated in presently, skincare is something everyone thinks of at some instance of their life. Skincare unites us in our struggle against ageing and blemishes upon the surface of the skin. Until and unless we understand our skin and work with it, we will never be truly satisfied with the end result. The Mighty Conqueror was created for those who value their skin and believe in using the best products to revitalize it. Our products relax and reassure you and your skin – you are in great hands!